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Testing item: Visual Inspection
Purpose: Device marking, body integrity, pins oxidation inspection etc.
Method: Observation under high-multiple magnifying rate electron microscopy
Standards: Inspection Standard£ºJEDEC
Applicable situation: Refurbishes, counterfeit checking & fighting, chip¡¯s appearance conformity. Advantages: Short leadtime, impressive & cost effective.
Testing item: Chemical decapsulation
Purpose: To inspect die layout markings, logos, bonding wires etc.
Method: Destructive experiment, remove the packaging epoxy through chemical corrosion to take out the die inside.
Standards: Inspection Standard£ºJEDEC
Applicable Situation: Authenticity Inspection auxiliary experiment/N, original MFG logo checking, die layout destructive engineering. Advantages: Short lead-time, simple, direct & impressive for analyzing MFG¡¯s info.
Testing item: X-ray Inspection
Purpose: To inspect device¡¯s packaging situation such as die layout bubbles, bonding wire abnormality,die size, directions etc without damaging chips¡¯ packaging material.
Method: Utilize the X-ray for multiple perspectives & angles examination.
Standards: Inspection Standard£ºJEDEC
Applicable Situation: For bonding abnormality, packaging defects finding, die size & layout conformity. Advantages: Short Leadtime, simple, impressive for analysis.
Testing item: Permanency Test/Acetone Swabing
Purpose: To inspect the device markings
Method: Acetone swabing for removing the marking of refurbishes.
Standards: Inspection Standard£ºJEDEC
Applicable Situation: For remarked parts, refurbishes, counterfeits checking. Advantage: remarked inferior printing markings can be easily removed
Testing item: Pb-free/RoHS testing
Purpose: RoHS Directives Compliance.
Method: Adopt Metrohm Inline sample processing(MISP),
Standards: RoHS(2002/95/EC)
Applicable Situation: RoHS Directives compliance checking.
Testing item: Authenticity Inspection & Verification (AIV)
Purpose: For detection whether devices are original, new& unused.
Method: Visual Inspection+DECAP+Datasheet comparison +Analysis report
Standards: Original datasheet.
Applicable Situation: For detection of refurbishes, counterfeits, fakes, new & bulk parts etc, which helps the coordination of trading disputes.
Testing item: Electrical Testing/ Direct Current Characteristics Test (DCCT)
Purpose: To test electrical parameters at devices¡¯ non-working status. Which covers fast open/short test, Idd test, DC Leakage test etc.
Method: Electrical test of each pin& parameters analysis
Standards: Original datasheet
Applicable Situation: For open/short, Idd, DC leakage screening before putting on board for mass production. Advantage: Short leadtime. Result reliable.